Welcome to Syrril

This is a world of Knights and Demons. Dragonborn and Dwarves. Come, explore what happens when one Race, threatened by another due to the love of their god, attempts to take matters into their own hands.

House Rules:

1- No min healing. If you roll to heal, and roll a roll. Automatically reroll. 2- Skill checks can be critted, or epic failed. Rolling a 20 adds 10 to the roll (I.e.- 1d20+10 where you roll a 20 is now a result of 40.) Rolling a 1 subtracts 10, as well as autofailing, for purposes of consequences. (I.e. a 1d20+10 where you roll a 1 is now a total check of 1, automatic failure, and the 1 is taken into account when determining how far you fall, or etc.) 3-

ANNOUNCEMENT: February 23rd.

We will be playing tonight if 4+ Characters are on. Expect to Roll for 4 hours.

Featured Enemies:

Preview: Mithrindain, once the jewel of Syrrilus, now a dead husk of its former self. Or, is that… an undead husk?!

Syrril's Dusk

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