Quinn Marek

Ranger out for revenge against the dragonborn who killed his brother.


HP: 55 Bloodied: 27 Surges per day: 8 Surge value: 13

AC: 19 (10 + 2 armor, 1 shield, 3 half level, 2 ability, 1 enhancement)

fort: 19 (10+ 3 half level, 3 ability, 1 class, 1 enhancement, 1 misc)

Ref: 19 (10 + 1 shield, 3 half level, 2 ability, 1 class, 1 enhancement, 1 misc)

Will: 17 (10+ 3 half level, 2 ability, 1 enhancement, 1 misc)


The middle of three brothers, born 2 years apart from one and other. Quinn didn’t buy into the religious like his two brothers had. When his older brother, Benn, chose to follow the path of the paladin based on blind faith; Quinn knew it wasn’t the way he was going to go. The day his brother was actually accepted as a squire Quinn got busy. Pawning off everything he decided he no longer needed, he left home behind in the middle of the night; hitching a ride with a caravan headed towards the Eladrin lands. It was here under the watchful gaze of his master, Riardon, that the human learned the ways of the ranger….or tried to. Adjusting to the self dependent life of the ranger was not easy for one who’d always depended on a father or an older brother or even the kindness of the congregation of religious nuts. He was a terrible shot with a bow, had trouble memorizing what could and could not be eaten, and seemed completely incapable of tracking.

Riardon saw this as stemming from the humans lack of faith in Melora…or any god for that matter. The Eladrin lead the boy deep into the woods, claiming it was to be a very interesting training exercise. Instead, once he was sure the human wouldn’t find his way back, he knocked the boy out and left him there with naught but his basic supplies. Quinn faced death in that forest, running out of food on his second day in the woods. His weapon was lost to him on the third day when he wandered into the territory of a very angry boar. His water ran out on the fourth day. By the sixth night Quinn lay immobile on the forest floor, delirious from dehydration and ingesting poisonous mushrooms. As he lay there on the floor of the forest for the first time in his life he prayed to whatever deity would listen to him. This could not be it for him, not just yet. In his delirious state he saw her, a tall elven woman garbed in robes of the deepest blue. Perhaps it was the fact she was in the middle of the most inhospitable woods Quinn had ever seen, but something about her presence there struck him. She spoke a single word to him in a language he could not understand. Before Quinn knew it she was gone, replaced by a black bear. Overcome with fear and the toxins running through his blood, Quinn simply passed out right there on the ground.

When he next awoke he was in Riardons cabin, having been bandaged, fed, and watered. “Do you still think it’s all just a bunch of nonsense concocted by those who feel their lives would be meaningless without devotion to something?” Riardon spoke as he entered the room. Quinn considered his masters question for a moment before speaking. “I still think most of these gods were just invented by people who wanted to validate their existence….but Melora…..there may be something to her.”

The bear had actually dragged Quinn out of the woods, and seemed fairly intent on hanging around Riardons cabin. Oddly it hadn’t made an aggressive move at either of them since it brought Quinn back, and seemed quite content to just follow the human around. Riardon called the bear Ursus and claimed it wouldn’t leave him be until Quinn asked it to. Quinn didn’t understand why the bear would follow him, but never did end up asking it to leave him alone. When the time came for his training to be complete, Riardon challenged him to one final test. His master outlined the test simply. He would not pass down to him the final secrets of the craft until Quinn proved his mastery of the craft by meeting him once more on the path they were chosen to walk.

Quinn was unable to decipher the paper thin riddle, and rather than caring about being a novice in the eyes of his master he set out for Bahavia. Living alone in the wilderness not far from Jorn’s leg. Having no contact with his family for such an extended period of time made him oblivious to the plight of his family members. He didn’t think of them again until a messenger from the kingdom found his dwelling. A battalion of bahavian knights corpses had been brought to jorn’s leg due to being unable to make the journey to Bahavia itself. One of the men bore the same surname as Quinn. Intrigued, Quinn went with the messenger to find the body of his brother Benn. According to the knight who’d brought the bodies there were two members of the 23rd unit whos corpses were not recovered. Quinn may not have been the best brother, but family was family. Banking on the chance that the two missing members had fled back to home Quinn set out to find them, Taking a job as caravan guard to make some cash as well as ease the travel…...

Quinn Marek

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