Lord Dracos al'Eiluned

Wizardly Follower of Corellon from Korynn


Race: Eladrin
Class: Wizard
Level: 6
God: Corellon
Homeland: Karynn

HP: 38
Healing Surges: 7

AC: 19
Fortitude: 15
Reflex: 18
Will: 19

Preferred Equipment:

Weapon: He uses a Longsword in his Primary hand when in combat, being a Wizard he rarely gets to use it, and rarely wants to, but he remains prepared nonetheless.

Implement: Being a Wizard, he uses an Implement to cast spells, in his case he prefers Magical Tomes, Books of power that give him greater range and option rather than the sheer power that other Implements would offer.

Armor: Cloth, he is unable to wear any of the traditional Armors, and as such is relegated to using Robes, regular Clothing, anything with no real Armor value to it to restrict his movements. His preference is for simple robes which he usually wears stylishly.

Magic Items: A simple list of all Magic Items in his possession.
+1 Book of Undeniable Fire(Contains: Fireball and Summon Fire Warrior)
+1 Cloak of Resistance
+2 Robe of Resist Force(5)
+1 Longsword
Potion of Healing
1,000 GP worth of Residuum
Ritual Book

The Party Treasury


Prophecies of the Faceless Men
The Prophecies of those Foretold to save the World…or Destroy it.

Dracos was born in the Capital City of the Eladrin’s homeland, a city called ‘Karynn’, a bustling metropolis right along the seashore that boasts a common sight that is rarely seen anywhere else…the mystical flying ships of Karynn. His people had made their living for centuries on simple fishing, surviving and eating the results, only to offer it as a trade item, as the Fishing went on and on, the Eladrin used their Magic to adapt and change, to improve their way of life however they could…the result being the Flying Ships. Quite possibly the most expensive item to make in all the lands, there are not a vast number of them, there are simply enough to provide a Flying Armada for the Eladrin Navy to use to get wherever they are needed.
His parents are Nobles of the City, his Father being a General in the Aerial Navy and his mother one of the most renowned Wizards in all the land, she serves the Eladrin as one of the Council-members who dictate the Laws of the Eladrin people. She is currently the second longest sitting member of the Council, and the favorite of the People, Council Member Cynda was proud the day her son displayed the natural aptitude for Magic, one that she believed surpassed even her own. His Father was not quite as happy to see his son taking after his Mother so much, he wished his son to take his place in the Navy, and one day stand at it’s head. To this end, despite his magical training and capabilities, his Father taught him how to use a blade…unlike most Wizards, he found a fair affinity with the blade and took it up just as often as he did his Magical prowess.
Upon passing the final apprenticeship task assigned to all aspiring Wizards with flying colors, he was granted a short Leave, during this time he traveled with one of his Father’s ships, traveling along the coast and assisting in fighting off Bandits and fools who challenged the Naval forces, leading to their demise. It was during this trip that he came to meet a new friend…an Osprey. A Bird of Prey that had saved his life when an Archer sought to strike him down while all were occupied with other members of the Brigands, the silver-feathered bird streaked from the sky to slash at his face…attracting attention and distracting him long enough for Dracos to loose Magical fires upon the Archer, quickly immolating him. It was when the bird flew to him…and then perched upon his shoulder…that the bird began to speak to him. He was confused at first, and quickly grew curious…he came to realize that this was no simple bird, but a spirit of a Falcon that had been caught up in the power surrounding him and was invariably tied to his fate.
He had soon returned to the Eladrin Capital city with his new companion, a new surety in who he was and what he would accomplish, from all that the bird had said he believed he was destined for something, he only hoped that it would make his parents proud. When he returned to the Wizard Tower with his new companion, the Wizards there had him explain who and what Horus was, upon learning that a simple Novice had attained a Familiar, and so naturally attuned to it, they immediately voted and rose him to an Apprentice among the Wizards of the Eladrin, the youngest true Wizard that any of them could ever recall. But, he was also assigned outside of the Country to the Wizards in Southaven, there he was to work with them to learn all he could of the new Dragonborn and Tiefling threats. He did not know it…but this was merely the Wizard’s way to keep him away from them for now…such natural power and capability had many of them scared, believing him to be a reincarnation of an ancient Eladrin Wizard who had come from the Feywild, he was responsible for a great Cataclysm…it’s true he saved many, but his actions resulted in the deaths of millions as well. Such a Cataclysm…they did not wish to see it again, but without that hero the entire world may have once fallen to dark powers…will the same happen once again?...

Lord Dracos al'Eiluned

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