Kek Heskan

An Overzealous Dragonborn Warlord, who usually rushes forward in battle...alone...


HP: 59
Bloodied: 29
Healing surge: 14+1
Surges per day: 8

Str: 20 (+5)
Dex: 12 (+1)
Con: 11 (+0)
Int: 13 (+1)
Wis: 10 (+0)
Cha: 18 (+4)

Defense Score

AC: 22 = 10 + 7(armor) + 4(1/2 level) + 1(int)

FORT: 22 = 10 + 4(1/2 lvl) + 5(str) + 1(class) + 2(Magic amulet)
REF: 17 = 10 + 4(1/2 lvl) + 1(int) + 2 (Magic amulet)
WILL: 21 = 10 + 4(1/2 lvl) + 4(Cha) + 1(class) + 2 (Magic amulet)

Magic Great Axe +2
Chain mail +1
(Neck)Magic Amulet +2
(Arms) Bracers of Mighty Striking

Wishlist Plate Mail + 2
Magic Amulet +3
Magic Great Axe +3


Kek Heskan is a Warlord who is a follower of Bahamut; a mainly human deity. He was raised in Bahavia; a human capital. Why? Te story is simple and a bit cliché’d, but do bear with it.

The dragonborn nation is at war with the goblin nation. They were a proud and powerful race who was renowned for their strength and charisma. They fought well, they were strong and they made fearsome enemies and powerful allies. A village on the edge of the territory between goblins and dragonborn was under attacked by Goblin raiders.

The damage was minimal, only a few houses were destroyed with minimal casualties thanks to the strong militia and a couple of young human adventurers; within those casualties were Kek’s biological parents; who lived in the edge of the village and were attacked within the veil of the night. The little Kek was stolen by the goblins along with other valuables.

Kek was then going to be sold. In these hard times, adoption was nearly unheard of. Why take in some extra mouth when you barely have enough to fill yourself? The rich and wealthy were always looking to adopt young exotic races; as slaves, pets, friends, gladiators…etc. Kek was sold for a fair sum to a wealthy human noble family and his main purpose was to appease the tantrum of their only living son who demanded a sibling.

The boy was pleased having a new younger brother; initially treating him as pet until Kek started to speak. They became brothers, the boy even demanding his parents that Kek also receive an education. It was tough for little Kek being the only dragonborn in a part of the city filled with humans and humanoids. He stuck out like a sore thumb, but luckily the dragonborn were renown then for being honourable and strong, though it didn’t stop the bullies for picking on him.

The overzealous Kek eventually made short work of them, gaining their respect in doing so. He was as strong physically as he had a strong personality. He wouldn’t back down, nor would he allow himself to be pushed down. They both tried to become paladins, the boy succeeding with much joy, but Kek failing deemed too violent and temperamental. Though, he was going to be raised as a Warlord.

Though he was too violent to be a paladin, easily getting caught up in the spirit of battle, they noticed the students around him were easily invigorated when they saw him fight. The two “brothers” were separated in the war of the tieflings, the noble boy was sent to fight in the front line along with the other paladin’s, while Kek was to fight elsewhere.

When news of the dragonborn betrayal was learned; everybody turned their backs on Kek. Though he considered himself more human then Dragonborn; it mattered not. The human royalty could not allow a dragonborn in their ranks. Kek was stripped of everything. His brother was lost and presumed dead and his adoptive parents have shunned him. He lost everything; all that remains is his hatred for his own kind. The only way he has to clear his name, is to do his part against the evil dragonborn.

Kek Heskan

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