Syrril's Dusk

Plot Summary So Far

Adherents to Tiamat have siezed control of the Dragonborn throne, and thrown down the Bahamut faithful. They have allied with the Asmodeus worshipping Tieflings, and have nearly destroyed the (Melora) Nerwood, and control the western portion of (Bahamut) Bahavia.

An Orc King who fled the (Gruumush/Bane) Verland Empire to the east has settled in the Resonance Wildwoods, and his control is spreading.

The Raven Queen is seeking the Last Book of Nerrul’s Prophecies, but it is currently held by members of the Cult of Nerrul. (Nerrul has been dead thousands of years).

Zander, the Southaven businessman is also looking for the book. The Maerdas Tol, Eladrin who wish to break the barrier between the World and the Planes above, are also searching for it, believing it holds the secrets they desire.



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