Syrril's Dusk

Plot Summary So Far

Adherents to Tiamat have siezed control of the Dragonborn throne, and thrown down the Bahamut faithful. They have allied with the Asmodeus worshipping Tieflings, and have nearly destroyed the (Melora) Nerwood, and control the western portion of (Bahamut) Bahavia.

An Orc King who fled the (Gruumush/Bane) Verland Empire to the east has settled in the Resonance Wildwoods, and his control is spreading.

The Raven Queen is seeking the Last Book of Nerrul’s Prophecies, but it is currently held by members of the Cult of Nerrul. (Nerrul has been dead thousands of years).

Zander, the Southaven businessman is also looking for the book. The Maerdas Tol, Eladrin who wish to break the barrier between the World and the Planes above, are also searching for it, believing it holds the secrets they desire.

Chapter 11: Hope, from Vale to Sea.

To be updated.

Chapter 10: Ambush in the Pass

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Chapter 9: Meebo's Misfortunes

To be updated.

Chapter 8: Druids & Drow

The group headed south, and for a few days things were fine. They passed into Eladrin lands, and soon came to the ‘Resonance Wildwoods’ a large and dangerous forest near square inside the Eladrin borders. At the entry to the forest, they came upon a group of wildformed druids, who warned them off. They said the woods themselves would kill them, and that there were enemies within the woods now, who would also kill them.

The party made it clear they had to go through, and reluctantly, the druids said that if the party helped them, they would help the party. It was revealed that a week ago, Drow from the Nerwood had been passing through when they came upon the village while most of the hunters were out. They set up an anti-primal magic field around the village, and when the hunters came back, where unable to channel, and were beaten back. Again and again they had come back, and over time more of them had been killed. Finally, there were only the 5 left the party had met.

The party agreed to help, and developed a plan. They charged into the village, and battle was begun immediately. Some of the party held up the foe while others went around destroying the stones that kept magic at bay in the area. As more of the stones were destroyed, the hunters were able to get further into the village to help the party, and the villagers arose themselves to fight off the drow.

The battle was tough and long. The drow lost many of their number, until it was only the Priestess and her Drow Blademaster guardian left alive. They stayed around for a bit longer, nearly killing Remmington, before fleeing the battle.

The villagers had been hard hit in the week, so much so that they realized that in order to survive, they would have to head to a city. They did so, except for the wolf-druid, Misyana, who refused, and instead opted to stay with the party.

Chapter 7: Southaven Intrigues

Finally, after almost two months on the road, the party pulls into Southaven. Days ago, Dracos, the eladrin wizard, recieved word from the Tower there that they needed to pull in at night, undercover of darkness.

They did so, and soon Orem led the team off and the party went ahead to the tower. Upon arriving, the wizards looked at them one by one, nodding and whispering amongst themselves. Soon enough they began to pass out stacks of papers to the group, who goes through them in surprise. On each sheet of paper is a face. The party is surprised to realize it is THEIR faces. With fake names, and crimes they never did on them. The wizards go on to explain that someone seems to have set them up. The wanted posters have come in from different nations and cities, but they realized they were all from the same general place/person when they discovered the ink was created from the Night Orchid, which only grown in one place that uses it for ink.

The wizards reveal a casket, and after it is opened, tell the party that it is the body of the Eladrin Oracle. She was assassinated recently, after beginning to give prophecies concerning some people she called the ‘Faceless men’ men who had to hide their faces from people. Which brings up the posters again. The oracle had been mind-battling another Oracle who she didn’t know,.

The wizards ask if anyone in the group they had traveled with was not in the Wanted Posters, because obviously someone was informing on them. Eventually the group realized it had to be Orem and Russ, one of his men.

Leaving the tower, they went to the stables to find them, only to discover the wagons gone, and Samual, another wagoneer, dead. Following, they came upon a fire, it was the wagons, and the bodies of Russ and Orem were evident.

A note on Orem said simply ‘Zander always pays his debts.’

After returning to the tower with the news, they were given instructions to Zander, and went to meet him. It was revealed that he was a very dangerous man. He had apparently hired Orem to get the Book of Nerrul’s rituals that the group had lost at the Crossroads Inn. Eventually, he blackmailed the party into looking for the book for him as well, and sent along his assistant Gregor to watch them.

After a couple days rest from their journeys, and research into the prophecies, the group decided they had to head South, if only because they had no other clues than that is where the Prophecies said that is the way they would go.


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